If your kid is a little animal crazy, having an animal themed party can be a great way to assuage the interest and provide some great photos for the album. Here are some ideas on how to have an animal themed party if the most exotic animal in your home is a goldfish. 

Head to the zoo

One of the easiest options is to head to the zoo. Most larger Australian cities have a zoo or wildlife park that offer party packages. These packages offer entry to the guests, lolly bags, and food, as well as some extra fun features such as a host who can tell you fun facts about the animals. These can be a great option if you live in a small home as you don't need to cater for all the guests in one place, and it can give everyone the chance to see some new and more exotic animals. 

Hire a petting zoo

Another fun option if you have a decent sized space to host the guests is a petting zoo. If you have a yard, you can get the zoo to bring farm animals such as sheep and rabbits to pet. If you have a smaller space, there are some 'zoos' that will bring some smaller Australian native animals for the kids to interact with such as possums, local birds, and snakes. These types of parties are very interactive and can be a great way for the kids to get involved and ask some questions about the animals. 

Schedule children's party performers

If you have allergies in the family or just a limited space for entertaining, you might prefer not to deal with actual animals. Another option is to have a fancy dress party where everyone comes dressed as their favourite animal. You can even have a children's party performer lead them in some animal themed dances and activities as well as face painters and balloon animal makers who help to bring the theme to life. This can be especially good if your child is obsessed with certain animals, such as lions, which doesn't lend itself to interactive experiences with young children. 

No matter what animal your child loves, you can find a way to incorporate this theme into a birthday party. Why not contact a children's birthday party organiser to discuss which option might best suit your child's interest and the space you have for entertaining?