Work demands by parents might require them to make tough decisions on how their young kids will spend the rest of the day while parents are at work. Hiring a nanny is one option, but it often requires the element of trust, which can take longer to build. A childcare centre is another option for parents who seek professional help taking care of kids. However, not all daycares are the same. Therefore, you have to do some research to find a safe place for your child. Here are some considerations that first-time moms must bear in mind when choosing a daycare for children under five.

Screen Time

Screen time is the time dedicated to children to use technological devices such as tablets, smartphones, hand-held video consoles, and television. Screen time should be limited to a few hours each day so that children can balance fun activities and sleep for healthy development. New parenting guidelines in Australia recommend that babysitters should limit screen time to one hour for children under five. The daycare you choose should strike a balance between screen time and other activities including reading, physical play, and creative play.

Standards of the Daycare

You should never compromise on the standards of daycare centres since i is the place that your child will spend most of their formative years. When interviewing the child careers, try to find out their qualifications, preferably in early childhood education. For instance, the staff must also have first-aid training, and the facility should be equipped with a first-aid kit. Further, the centre should have all documentation such as registration and accreditation. If you have a child with special needs, try finding out from other parents on how they treat such children. You can then corroborate the information with your observation through a tour of the facility.

Pick-up and Drop-off Time

If you have a partner, then you need to arrange how you will drop off and pick up your child from the daycare. Therefore, location is critical when selecting a daycare. You can opt for a centre that is near your workplace or your partner's workplace. However, if that does not work for you, choosing a childcare centre near your home can be ideal so that you just drop off or pick up your child on your way to work or home. Whatever decision you make should be at the time of operation of the daycare so that you don't inconvenience the administration or your kid in case you run late from work.