When you enrol your child in preschool, you are probably thinking that it is simply to keep your child busy with their peers under adult supervision until they get to a school-going age. However, preschool is much more than a babysitting facility for your child. In fact, preschool is where they get to learn skills that will help them interact with other children, which will prove essential once they join a formal school. Furthermore, preschool helps to integrate various skillsets that your child will use for the rest of their life. One quintessential element of preschool that is usually underrated is show and tell. This piece illuminates the importance of show and tell at preschool for your child.

Show and tell helps in cultivating great self-esteem

The act of show and tell entails having your child present one of their favourite things to their class and talk about this item. Thus, whether it is a stuffed toy or a drawing they made, your child gets the chance to express their love for these items to a class full of their peers. To do this, they will need to cultivate confidence to speak publicly to other children of the same age. Additionally, the positive feedback that they receive from their teacher and preschool classmates goes a long way in affirming their confidence. Thus, if your child is a tad shy, show and tell can help them with interacting with their peers.

Show and tell helps in nurturing oral skills

For your child to participate in show and tell, they need to speak for the tell part. Not only are they to introduce their favourite item, but they are also expected to talk about their possessions by explaining what it is and saying what they love about it. Once your child is done with their presentation, they will then be expected to answer questions regarding it. This back and forth encourages your child to convey their thoughts and feelings and to give answers to the questions they have been asked. Hence, regular show and tell in preschool helps to nurture the oral skills of your child.

Show and tell helps in developing social skills

Another characteristic of show and tell is that it is an activity that engages everybody in the group. Resultantly, this activity can substantially help with the development of your child's social skills. Your child will learn how to gesture, grab the attention of their peers, and communicate their thoughts. Moreover, kids that share similar show and tell interests will end up forming a bond.